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When you visit Ellenville, New York, you’ll find a community that embraces its history as part of the Hudson River Valley, as well as its place in the Catskills region. With the Shawangunk Mountains to the east, and the Catskills to the northwest, this valley village is blessed with natural, majestic beauty on all sides.

People visit Ellenville for many reasons, in all seasons. Outdoor enthusiasts stop here before embarking on a hike, to camp, or play golf. Adventure seekers find their way here to go hang gliding, mountain biking, and cross country skiing. Others come for a great meal, or to see professional theater. Thousands descend upon the village during special events, like the annual Blueberry Festival.

What you’ll find in Ellenville is authentic, small-town America. It’s laid back, comfortable, casual. It’s in this down-to-earth, distraction-free atmosphere you can find what you’re looking for. No matter what brings you to Ellenville, we’re glad you’re here!



  • find yourself in ellenville - experience blueberry festival
    Blueberry Festival
    Happening Annually: Beginning with the Native American cultivation of the wild blueberry, the blueberry-picking industry has played a significant role in the formation of this area […]
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