We Made Fall Famous

Lake Awosting Minnewaska State Park Ellenville

Get off your laptop.

Or your phone, your iPad, or whatever screen you’re reading this on, that stands between you and the open sky.

The green is turning gold. While big-name stores are rushing to put out their Christmas decorations (though it’s not even Halloween yet, much less Thanksgiving), the mountains remain still; and they beckon you – come.

Come and climb my heights, scattered with leaves of red and yellow. Come and hang glide through the valley, leaving your worries where your feet left the ground. Come and glide along windy paths upon your wheels of choice, leaning into every twist and turn.

Come. Come and see how Ellenville made fall famous.

There’s never been a better time than now, because Ellenville is teaming together to make it easy for you to come and enjoy the autumn season. Discover Sam’s Point Preserve with the Hiker Exploration Package, bike through Lippman Park with the Mountain Biking Tour Package or drive the Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway with the Motorcycle Tour Package.

With major discounts from Skyway Camping Resort, Honor’s Haven Resort and Jellystone Park Camping, you can stay for the whole weekend. Nearby restaurants are offering coupons so you’ll be covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the town has no shortage of additional attractions.

Other packages include the Taste & Tour Package, Family Great Escape Package and Couples Getaway Package.

Fall is a short window of opportunity. To take it, visit findellenville.com/find-itineraries-and-packages.