Find Yourself Safe at Ellenville Regional Hospital

Ellenville Regional Hospital

For years, people have vacationed in this area for its small-town beauty and small-town feel, said Steven Kelley, CEO & President of Ellenville Regional Hospital. Being an Ellenville local yields a particular way of life that’s a lot less commercialized than most river towns that have all the big box names and chains.

But an accident can happen anywhere, even in Ellenville; and when people are visiting they don’t want to spend their whole day in the emergency department. In the case of an emergency, how long will it take to be seen by a health professional, to know what’s wrong and to stop the pain?

Nationally, the average wait time for an emergency department is 55 minutes. At Ellenville Regional Hospital, it’s only 18. That’s because it has the fastest emergency department in New York State, at an award-winning turnaround time of 100 minutes compared to the national average of four hours and seven minutes. This quick and quality care makes Ellenville a safe place to visit or live, Kelley said.

Ellenville Regional is best known for its in-and-out patient rehab service, injury treatment, post-surgical care and sports medicine, and has been recognized for its work in fighting the opiate epidemic. Incredibly innovative, the Hospital is constantly working on improved outcomes and processes, Kelley said. In just two years, they improved critical outcomes by 16%, so that now 90% of patients are able to go home.

So next time you take a trip to Ellenville, you can rest assured that Ellenville Regional Hospital is there to care for you when you need it most.